Valentine’s Cards featured on College Times

Valentine’s Cards featured on Lovin’ Dublin
February 10, 2016
Mother’s Day Card Range
February 17, 2016

Valentine’s Cards featured on College Times

To wake up and find that your online shop has got new traffic and new sales from a new destination is a wonderful feeling. Enter our Valentine’s Cards featured on College Times.

Under the heading ‘You’re Offaly Lovely’ Theses Irish Valentine’s day Cards are absolutely hilarious, College Times supplied us with a great morning as we headed online to check out their feature on ourselves with a walk through guide on our Valentine’s Card collection.

Valentine’s Cards featured on College Times

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If you’d like to take a look at the feature you can read about it HERE

Finally, a big thanks you to Isabelle Riggins for giving the coverage.

You Know I Bleedin' Love Ya Aren't I Ridin’ Ya! You're Savage So You Are I love your Liathróids You Know I'm Offaly Fond Of You